San Andreas
Experience Earth’s ferocious power! Vancouver is completely submerged. Seattle and Portland are decimated by volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis. An earthquake might not destroy the west coast—but a megaquake just might. Californians have been ready for “The Big One” for decades, but a temblor much farther north on the San Andreas Fault may spring to life. And, it could be ten times bigger. Most earthquakes last for a minute, but a “megathrust” earthquake can last for five—powerful enough to trigger a cascade of smaller earthquakes and even reignite extinct volcanoes. Join leading geologists and discover why America’s northwest may be in imminent danger. It just might make you tremble.  

The West Coast of America has long been ready for ‘The Big One’: the moment when the San Andreas Fault springs to life. But what if defences have been pointing in the wrong direction? What if a far bigger earthquake is on its way – one that could submerge Vancouver and destroy Seattle and Portland by unleashing a string of re-ignited volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis? Welcome to the world of the ‘megathrust’ quake – ten times bigger than anything San Andreas can deliver. Have the beginnings of a tremor already begun?