Monkey Warriors
MONKEY WARRIORS, Who Will Rule Next?
Hindu legend tells of white warrior monkeys fighting to rescue the god Hanuman from evil demons. In Jodhpur, India, the Hanuman langurs are fighting still 29 langur ‘gangs’ comprised of 20 or more females and their young, governed by a ‘Warlord’ have carved the city up between them. Warlords reign for three or four years before they’re overthrown. And a new Warlord will be to purge the gang of male young, creating a society of ‘Lost Boys’ whose only chance is to violently displace another Warlord. Natural selection is harsh indeed, but what better way to build a culture of warriors?
Also includes Cheeky Monkey, a 50-minute special about the vervet – the most adaptable, inventive and cheeky monkeys in Africa