Ruby's Quest


Meet Ruby, a young howler monkey – injured, lost and far from her family. Her story takes you deep into Central and South America, where human and animal friends help Ruby begin her journey home. As you travel through dense and noisy forests, you’ll hear the calls of howler monkeys sounding louder and carrying farther than the screeches, whistles and chirps of all the other animals and birds. Have fun watching the antics and acrobatics of these gregarious primates, and discover their distinctive personalities. Endlessly fascinating and often amusing, they make great entertainment for your entire family.

BBC Earth – Ruby’s Quest

The forests of Central and South America can be downright noisy places! Amid the whistles, howls, and chirps no animal can hold a candle to the gregarious howler monkey. With a call that can travel up to three miles, these primates are not shy about making themselves known. However, with their habitat shrinking, they are running out of space…and running into humans. Ruby’s Quest follows the story of a young howler named Ruby who finds herself injured and lost, far away from her family. But with the help of a few human and animal friends, she begins her journey home.

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