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As organic site optimization has become more complex and competition for business online has increased, the separation of website design and search engine marketing has narrowed. Today, designing a spider friendly, algorithm compliant site with a search engine friendly linking structure is practically essential to achieving results. At Shine, we utilize three distinct groups to ensure that your website is successful. Our team is a group of talented designers who apply the artistic and graphical elements to the site architecture created by the account management team. With a focus on building search engine friendly sites, they have uncovered ways to incorporate Flash and innovative graphical features into sites without sacrificing the benefits of site optimization. Shine utilizes a variety of both in-house and prepackaged e-commerce platforms for its clients looking to add online ordering functionality to their sites. From the simple addition of Papal or Goggle Checkout, to sophisticated, custom made, e-commerce platforms that are both search engine friendly and scalable in nature, Shine can work with you to find a solution that best suits your needs and budget


Our account managers are all marketing professionals trained in search engine optimization. They will work with you to develop search engine friendly site architecture along with ample content to target the keyword phrases relevant to your business. From selecting the proper message to installing user navigation that is clean and organized, these managers ensure that the product we deliver is something your company will want to promote. 


The success of your business will sometimes require a custom-made software program that fits the unique way you keep track of inventory, for example, or perhaps the way you bill customers. That’s when you need a skilled & responsive software development team. At Shine Design, we have many years of experience in ASP.NET Development & VB.net development. We’ve delivered scores of custom applications, from portals to desktop applications, plus eCommerce and other Web-based applications. Let us help you automate your key business tasks with solutions that will boost productivity and ROI. 


Our technical team provides assistance with all hosting and server side issues while focusing on developing innovative database driven applications that allow you to get more from your website! To serve our clients in the best possible manner, we maintain multiple servers in one of the areas leading data centers. We can support both Windows and Linux based applications in their native environments and provide ongoing tech support for hosting, email, etc. While many companies view web hosting as a commodity, for sites with comprehensive online marketing programs, the value of a secure host with extensive redundancy and security is of paramount importance. As such, we have invested heavily to ensure that our clients sites are hosted in one of the safest and most technologically advanced data centers in the Los Angeles area. 
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