How Far Would You Go To Save Your Kids… A Million Years? “Time Chasers” Amazing Action, Time travel, Extraterrestrials, and Dinsosaurs are all packed into a one-hour family adventure series. Professor Harold and Penny Chase are prominent archeologists who are hired by a government agency to perform a top-secret dig in the region of Area 51. The Chase’s three children, Conner, Gabby, and Albert, are working alongside their parents when they unearth a strange device that turns out to be an ancient alien time machine. The kids accidentally activate the device, transporting all three children, a co-worker and their wacky Uncle Bob back in time.

Every 24 hours, the device zaps them into another TIME PERIOD. Professor Chase and his wife literally race the clock, chasing their children through time trying to bring them back to the present day. All the while they are under surveillance by the Government Agents that hired them. These devious people will stop at nothing to retrieve the alien time machine, even at the cost of the Chase children’s lives.

Each week the kids encounter fascinating and dangerous events, places and times throughout history. From the prehistoric age where dinosaurs ruled the earth to the days of the cavemen to the American Revolution to the rough and rowdy wild, wild, west, they must survive the elements while trying not to alter history.

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