Dad’s Saving The World, Just Don’t Tell Mom! “My Dad’s A Superhero” is a wild and exciting half hour family action/comedy series about two mild mannered Dads, Ralph and Lou, who moonlight as vigilante SUPERHEROES. Dressed in homemade costumes and driving a souped up family minivan, they call themselves “The Super 2.” With no powers other than martial arts skills, nonlethal weapons and courage, “The Super 2” sneak away from their families each night to battle crime and protect the city’s innocents.

Keeping their superhero identities hidden, it becomes harder and harder for Ralph and Lou to juggle their family duties while saving the world. When the kids suspect from their Dads’ odd behavior and bruises that they may be up to something, they follow them one night and discover that their Dads are Superheroes. The children give their Dads and ultimatum. They want in on the crime fighting action or they will tell their Moms/ Ralph and Lou have no choice but to accept.

Each week, “The Super 2,” with the help of their children, fight evil and colorful criminals as “The Super 5.” the children also use their crime fighting skills at school dealing with social issues and school bullies. “The Super 5” are here to help save the world – right after they take out the trash and do their homework!

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