The Value of a Facebook Fan

Facebook has recently formed a global partnership with Adobe to create best-in-class solutions for measuring and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns.  With over 400 million worldwide users, Facebook creates a unique and exciting opportunity for marketers to measure, segment and target specific audiences on Facebook.
In this guide, you will see a high level overview of how Omniture and Facebook are working hand-in-hand to bring you the best platform for measuring and optimizing your Facebook marketing campaigns.  Additionally, you’ll see how Omniture SiteCatalyst and Discover help measure and segment your Facebook users, breaking your spending down to show you where you are generating the most users and the most revenue on Facebook.
You will learn how to:

  • Use Omniture to measure and optimize Facebook ad spend
  • Maximize social media ROI with SearchCenter Plus
  • Measure ROI of Facebook fans, ads, & pages

Facebook is at the forefront of the Web and marketers who are not investing in measuring and optimizing marketing campaigns on Facebook are limiting their opportunities for potential growth and profit maximization.


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