‘Tunnel Rats’ Coming to DVD in June

Shine Advertising just wrapped up another title from Uwe Boll. The Unrated Director’s Cut of ‘Tunnel Rats‘ hits stores on June 9.

Prepare for a stunning, no holds barred journey into the darkest chapter of the Vietnam War. A special U.S. combat unit trained in underground warfare is sent on a mission to hunt and kill Viet Cong resistance forces in the endless networks of tunnels in the jungles of Cu Chi. Armed with only handguns, flashlights and knives the men soon find themselves embroiled in hand-to-hand combat both above and below ground. The Vietnamese that inhabit the tunnels are faced with an equally overwhelming task. By resorting to primitive but ingenious methods of combat, they prove to be surprisingly effective against the Americans’ superior technology. As the battle moves underground, for both sides, the struggle becomes less about winning than about survival.

Special Features:
• Deleted Scenes • Actual Tunnel Rats training footage
• Interview with Director Uwe Boll • Behind the Scenes

Check out the trailer on You Tube.

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