The Girl With No Number

Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.

The Girl With No Number deals with the issue of Human Trafficking in Asia. Shot in Vietnam and the Philippines, the film made use of Vietnamese and English language in its dialogue.
In Vietnam, Phuong Ly, the young and beautiful daughter of an impoverished fruit vendor is deeply in love with her boyfriend. His wealthy mother, however, has higher aspirations for her son and engineers their break-up. Heartbroken and overwhelmed with financial burden, Phuong Ly travels to Saigon in the hope that she might find a solution to her family’s financial struggle. Desperate and alone, she becomes entangled in the dark underworld of marriage agencies. Hopeful that the foreign man she has agreed to marry will offer her and her family a better life, Phuong Ly leaves her native land for the promise of America. With it quickly becoming clear that her new husband is motivated by more sinister intentions, Phuong Ly must now engineer her escape from the nightmarish existence that she has become enslaved within. 
Bebe Pham, Jay Laisne, Elina Madison, Lương Thế Thành

Michael Gleissner

Manh Tuan Nguyen

Frederick Bailey

Michael Gleissner, Kacy Andrews, Ashley Jordan


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