Take a Bite out of Shark Week

 Is there such a thing as the perfect shark? After all, sharks have been evolving for 400 million years – surely today these formidable creatures must be at the pinnacle of perfection? Eminent underwater wildlife cameraman and shark aficionado Mike deGruy comes face-to-face with some of the greatest sharks that ever lived, past and present. On his search for perfection, Mike encounters ancient sharks the length of a city bus, a shark that actually walks and various others with amazing qualities for survival. Is there one amongst them all that is the perfect shark, one that is or was so successful and versatile that it sticks out fin and tail above the rest?

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Cutting-edge underwater photography combine with state-of-the-art graphics to reveal the raw drama of the conflicts, subterfuge, battle plans and attack tactics of sharks. Techniques employed in BBC’s Predators are used, this time in a new theatre of war – an underwater battleground that plays host to nature’s version of submarine warfare. It maps the terrain, identifies the targets and follows the hide-and-seek battle tactics as they unfold. And it captures the extraordinary battery of senses at a shark’s disposal, revealing how they use them to locate and home in on prey.

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Get up close and personal with one of the most vicious predators of our oceans, the Great White Shark! We think of great whites as fearsome aquatic killers, but do we know them as well as we think? In this presentation from BBC’s acclaimed Natural History Unit, Mike Rutzen, the world’s foremost great white shark diver, follows great whites as they feed, at a proximity never before achieved. Mike’s unique ability to communicate with them using his body language allows him to swim amongst them unscathed. Mike Explores why great white sharks occasionally attack people. He also challenges the view that their feeding is unstructured and frenzied, to prove instead that they obey the subtle rules of a complex form of social hierarchy. 

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