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The Rebranding of Shine. Shine Advertising will now officially be known as Shine Design Inc, Strategic Creative Thinking. Shine’s new vision will set the stage to inspire you to see Shine in a new light.



The Rebranding of Shine.

Shine Advertising will now officially be known to all as Shine Design Inc, Strategic Creative Thinking.

The evolution of Shine’s rebranding was inspired by growth and change of the companies values and goals, messages and the visual brand. Their new vision will set the stage to inspire you to see Shine in a new light.

The Shine Design positions itself to be a fully integrated advertising agency. With the ever changing market trends a new entity and rebrand was a key factor in making them stand out in a market saturated with design and digital agencies. the rebrand will set Shine apart from other advertising agencies in the market. We wanted to update our image to separate us from our competition. Revamping our corporate profile required us to think beyond what Shine is today, we also needed to think about what Shine can become in the future.

Why did they keep the name Shine?  Laura Shapiro the Marketing Director explains, “Shine means “A quality of brightness“. We felt Shine reflects what we stand for and what we give to our clients. With our rebrand our company offers three distinct ways to help our clients Shine in their market through Strategic Vision, Creative Design, Innovative Thinking resulting in Effective Solutions”…

With its new name comes a brand new website featuring its many successful campaigns that has helped to bring Shine Design to you.

“We started off as a Home Entertainment and Theatrical advertising agency, we have built up to much more, and with that needed a new name and new site to showcase our many achievements in the industry. Shine’s re-brand, is simply a title to all the many facets that the company offers, there is no end to creative ability and no end to the services offered. “, said Laura Shapiro, Managing Director.

Shine Design’s new website is a window to the many projects that the team has been working on. What you will see is diversity, creative ideas that make you think, and a real sense of what the team at Shine offers. The re-launch is really exciting for us, our team has been working on this for a while and it is so exciting to be able to showcase all of our amazing projects and show them to everyone.
With Shine Design, our core team is still in place, we have added a few new designers to our talent pool, but with Shine Design, you have our core team, just in new clothes. Our success is measured by producing results for You, our clients. We work with You to develop aggressive advertising and marketing strategies that result in sales. Each project is managed by a senior director and supported with top media and creative executives who are here to support your every need. At Shine, it is not about how much money the client spends, it is about achieving results!


Creative Design, Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Web Development, Packaging

Company Details:

Los Angeles Office:
325 North Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90213 (424) 281.9418

New York Office:
247 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036 (646) 770-1119

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