POLICE STATE – New York City


Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi


What starts out as a beautiful spring day in New York City turns into disaster when massive explosions begin to occur in Manhattan.  Thrown into chaos, thousands of survivors flood the streets of New York with panic as more bombings and terrorist attacks are expected throughout major US cities.

When a cataclysm thrusts New York City into panic, a local bike messenger/small time drug dealer Carter Brooks, rushes to get information about the attacks from Officer Grady who plans to leave town before a nationwide curfew is invoked. To Carter’s surprise, a gun battle ensues with an unidentified intruder who leaves Officer Grady dead. Carter struggles to get a hold of Officer Grady’s cell phone, which to his surprise has a secret map and information intercepted by a corrupt cop. Then a mysterious man named John contacts Carter and becomes the key to keeping him and the love of his life, Elena alive. The worst is yet to come as he explains that the attacks are occurring as a result of a confidential mission from the year 2283.  Yes the Future!  This is a conspiracy of epic proportions.

It soon becomes clear that an even deeper plot may lead to the nation’s future or demise. Carter learns that 70% of Earth’s population is at stake, due to an incurable virus which is about to be released by the master mind organization – the Company.  John is the only man alive with sufficient knowledge who can help stop this imminent disaster.  Carter agrees to join forces with the stranger and finally do something that involves a greater cause. But their time is running out…



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