Orphan Black Season 4
Orphan Black: Season 4

Tatiana Maslany      Jordan Gavaris      Maria Doyle Kennedy

With the Castor clones no longer a threat, the sisterhood seem set for a brighter future, until their past reappears to haunt them. One organisation has been pulling the strings of Leda, Castor, Dyad and Topside all along – Neolution.
After leaving her Icelandic safehouse, Sarah encounters a mysterious new ally with ties to the clone who started it all: Beth Childs. With the help of self-reliant hacker Dizzy, Sarah must follow Beth’s footsteps towards a potent new enemy, and into an uneasy alliance with the ruthless Ferdinand.
Meanwhile, Rachel is held captive by the mother she thought was dead. What are Susan’s motives? And what role has she played in the Neolutionist plot?
As Sarah begins to feel the pressure of keeping her family safe, her self-defeating old habits begin to resurface. The sisters are being pushed in disparate directions, but in order to survive this test they’ll need to pull closer together than ever before.