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Design Guidance – Shine Design


Design is seen by many agencies as their only job. Integration? A concept, at best. Shine Design simply sees it as another opportunity to communicate a brand’s essence to consumers. Shine Design employs associates with the expertise to produce full-blown collateral projects to imaginative logo design. Our design team is involved in all stages of the process, both to absorb the strategic direction and to provide artistic guidance to all creative disciplines. Shine’s designers provides artistic services which communicate, solve problems, evoke emotions, provide inspiration, and create real world opportunities. We pride ourselves on knowing the market, the product, and the competition. Strategic Vision and non-stop drive for success define our creative culture. In addition we provide individual creative services for all of your business’s needs: advertising, marketing, design, production, web sites, e-Commerce Sites, web development, print design, On-line campaigns, direct mail, copy-writing, digital imaging, brochure design, marketing consultation, seo services, online advertising and market research.


What is Branding? Branding and Brand Development is now one of the most potent marketing tools a company can have. Why invest in new names and new concepts every time when you can create brand recognition and brand loyalty that allows your dollars to work cumulatively towards all of your products and goals. Your business needs many things to succeed – a good plan, products or services people want, financing, hard work, business savvy and, yes, some luck. Almost all successful businesses have one thing in common, however – a strong & memorable Corporate Identity. Your corporate identity is the recognizable ‘face’ of your business. That identity generally starts with crafting a logo, but it also includes the careful planning & integration of all your print and online communications. In everything you do as a business, you want the world to see a strong & unmistakable ‘family resemblance’. The best corporate identity services are part skill and part craft. At Shine, we carefully blend both. We start by taking the time to understand your goals, your products, and your place in the highly competitive online marketplace. Then we present you with different concepts that try to capture the essence of your business. Your feedback will guide us to deliver the exact corporate identity you’ve been wanting – professional, meaningful and memorable – and a strong foundation for the future of your business. Let us help the World discover you! No matter what kind of logo you want – simple or fancy, traditional or innovative – we can make your dream come alive!


Over the past few years, as we have grown our web design capabilities at Shine, our graphic design capabilities have evolved as well. Given the desire of most marketers to create a consistent look for their brand, our design team can ensure that your printed materials, logos, and other collateral is consistent with your website, banner ads, and any other on-line presence you may have. Our graphic design experience and capabilities include, but are not limited to: Brand Identity, logo design, graphic design services, event themes, packaging, banners, fliers, sellshetes, postcards, brochures, business cards, posters, film posters, 1-sheet design, keyart, trade ads, consumer ads, web design, newspaper ads, magazine ads, e-newsletters, web banners, landing pages, marketing, social media campaigns and much more.

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